Walk With Us (Meet by the Concierge’s desk)

Join the staff from DC for a 30-minute walk through our beautiful city, meet some new friends and get to know Stockholm from the locals’ point of view.

The Sound Experience (Meet by the big net in the lobby)

A nice relaxation after a long day. Lie down in the net and enjoy a guided body scan that will make you focused, centered and balanced. No need to sign up, all ages are welcome!

Culture Wednesday (Meet by the Concierge’s Desk)
Explore new art and music things with Downtown Camper. New and exciting activities for every occasion…

Camper Dinner (In Campfire)
Every Wednesday at 6PM, we invite you for a social, educating and fun dinner experience in Campfire Grill & Bar! Try comfort food from every corner of the world: at Camper Dinner we pick our own favourites from the menu, and serve them together with different beverages for the ultimate taste experience. The theme for the first Camper Dinners is ”Beer Lovers”. We bring in some beer-making experts who share their knowledge and explain the secrets behind this awesome drink.

Camper Dinner is a set tasting menu consisting of five courses and five beverages, for the price 740 sek / person.

Camper Dinner bookings:
Tel. +46 (0)8-517 263 00